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When you adopt abandoned children with special needs from China.

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

I started paying attention to this phenomenon three years ago when I learned from an article that a group of Chinese disabled and abandoned babies were adopted into the United States.

A year ago, when I took the initiative to get acquainted with the Lumpkin family who adopted six Chinese disabled and abandoned children, and learned that Lisa's mother had to replace her Lexus with a second-hand Toyota due to financial problems in the adoption, I was determined to establish A foundation to support families who have given so much love and faced hardship.

A week ago, I received an official document from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service that the A Perfect Love Foundation I founded was approved as a non-profit that can be tax deductible for donors mechanism. So far, the world's first foundation dedicated to providing relief funds to American families who adopt Chinese disabled and abandoned infants is fully on track.

When history recorded such a figure—there are about 90,000 Chinese abandoned infants with disabilities adopted by American families today, I decided to write a letter to the American parents who accompany these Chinese adopted children every day.

I know you have to pay a lot of money to make such a decision. This is really not an option for an average-income family to make. It is no exaggeration to say that your love is a kind of extravagant love - to adopt a disabled Chinese child, you have to pay the Chinese side $31,000 to $33,000 at one time. These are the 2017 figures. (No wonder some netizens sighed - this is more money than the traffickers!) And this is just the entry fee for the adoption process, and the real cost is still to come. This is especially true for the adoption of children with severe disabilities. Just like the little Molly adopted by the Lumpkin family, her spinal fistula made her unable to walk upright for the rest of her life. At the age of 16, she now uses a Walker (walker) for every step she takes. Not to mention the Austin family who adopted the blind girl.

I know that you have shown extraordinary patience and persistence. Adopting other children in the United States is very simple and usually only takes about 45 days to bring the child home. But it takes an average of two to three years to complete the full legal process of adopting a Chinese abandoned baby. For example, the Bush family adopted two AIDS blood carriers who were abandoned by their Chinese parents and had to wait a long time to get to play with their three biological children in the United States.

I know that you have a mental capacity that is unimaginable for ordinary people. Like the younger siblings adopted by the Ryan family, each had to undergo five surgeries in a row to restore their bodies to the best possible condition. And the average two-month operation makes your whole family immersed in the pain after surgery and the suffering of worrying about the next operation every day. I saw that little Daniel, who was originally disabled with both hands and feet, was bandaged after the surgery on both hands and couldn't carry anything by himself. It was your own daughter who was feeding her brother with popsicles. I don't believe in God, but you show me the holiness of the world.

Because of your hard work, about 90,000 Chinese children who were in boundless suffering have a whole new world and burst out with vitality. Because of your dedication, countless seeds of hatred crossed the ocean and finally blossomed into flowers of love on the other side of the ocean.

These children go from losing love to getting love. This is the story of one perfect love in the world, so I named this foundation "A Perfect Love".

In writing this letter to you, I want to tell you that you are not alone on this journey of endless giving. I can't be like you, but I can help you!

From today, you can log on to our bilingual website in both Chinese and English ( English official website; Chinese official website to download the form to apply for aid. You can also call the hotline at (626) 810-0820 for consultation.

I am on my way, with you. I know this is a life-long journey, but I'm not worried that I'll be exhausted. Because this is a relay, I have gathered a group of like-minded people. They are coming from all over the world to join in and become the "co-sponsors" of the foundation. I understand that their strong support is not because of my heartfelt call, but because of your spiritual inspiration.

I know I can't change the fact that disabled babies are still abandoned in China every day, (the figures show that there are still 6000-8000 babies abandoned by their parents every year, and about 80% of them are different degree of disability. I know I can't change the habit - that all Chinese parents who adopt abandoned babies only choose healthy children. (So those abandoned children in Chinese welfare institutions are only waiting for you Appeared to change the fate of their lives. If they have not been adopted by their fourteenth birthday, then under Chinese law they will never be adopted again. They are left alone with their birth disabilities. into society and embark on a difficult road to subsistence).

Yes, I can't change these. But I have such a dream that all parents like you who have adopted disabled and abandoned babies don’t have to change the property in the seller because of financial difficulties; all parents like you don’t have to go around in order to perform necessary operations on their children borrow money.

My personal power is meager, and none of the co-founders of the foundations I travel with are billionaires. Therefore, the funds we can rescue at this stage are also very limited. But we are all willing to start bit by bit, we believe in the righteousness, and we are looking forward to the spark!

We cherish the "perfect love" you give. We also understand that some of your families are in this or that difficult situation due to various accidents. The mission of the A Perfect Love Foundation is to provide precise relief for this kind of misfortune, and strive to keep those "perfect love" stories from breaking down, and strive to make your earth-shattering love last forever. world!

Author: Qun Shen, President of A Perfect Love Foundation

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