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The story I experienced about the adoption of Chinese disabled and abandoned children.

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

What a pretty Jasmine.

On the tenth anniversary of the China-US Business Summit this year, I specially invited Lisa Lumpkin, an American mother who adopted six Chinese disabled and abandoned children, to the summit site to unveil our A Perfect Love. So she and the six adopted Chinese children she brought with her became the stars of our convention.

Of the six children, one girl is the most notable, because she has cerebral palsy, which causes problems with her spine and legs, which prevents her from standing straight. But she always had a big smile on her face. Her English name is Moly, which translates to “Jasmine” in Chinese.

After many rounds of exchanges with her mother, I understood the sad and thrilling story behind Moly's smile.

Chinese adoption laws limit the age of children to 14. That is to say, once an abandoned child like Moly lives in a child welfare home until her 14th birthday, she will survive on her own and will never have the chance to be legally adopted.

In 2016, Lisa was doing her best to adopt a Chinese abandoned child with cerebral palsy. The girl named Avy is over 13 years old, and it usually takes a little more than a year for foreigners to go through the adoption process in China. Seeing that if all the formalities are not completed with extraordinary speed, Avy will break the legal limit and can no longer be adopted. So Lisa adopted a surprise adoption with a rescue mentality.

At this moment, she heard from the contact of the American adoption agency that there is a girl in another Chinese child welfare institution crying every day because she is also close to 14 years old, and she has seen with her own eyes a girl around her. One's little sister is independent from society after reaching the age of 14, and no one cares anymore. And she suffers from cerebral palsy, which makes her cervical spine and legs incompetent, unable to walk upright like a normal person, so she can't imagine what kind of life she will be in the future if she is allowed to be independent in society. So she cried and prayed every day, hoping to be adopted by a family before her 14th birthday. But for a child with permanent disability like her, how easy is it to have a family to adopt?

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Pacific, when Lisa heard about it, she didn't hesitate to add Moly to her rescue adoption work. This mom is doing her best in a race against time - on the one hand, she goes through all kinds of complicated procedures, health certificates, no criminal certificates, financial ability certificates, etc.; on the other hand, she is on go-fund-me Online fundraising, because the family’s only source of income is her husband, who is only a salary earner. The adoption of two children made them pay the Chinese government $60,000 at one time, and they couldn’t get the money themselves. Only ask for social donations. Every day she sees a finish line in front of her. No matter what she wants to pay, she must cross the finish line before the countdown ends...

Finally, Lisa succeeded! God pays off her hard work. When she signed the last legal document for adoption in China, it was three months away from the 14th birthday of the two cerebral palsy baby girls, and the other was only two days away!

From then on, Moly will always have a home, and she will always have a mother and father who can love and take care of her! How can you say she can't laugh? She knew that she was not abandoned by the world in the end, and she knew that her mother named Lisa would love her for the rest of her life!

When little Moly walked into this American family, she immediately became a rare helper in the family. Although she was unable to physically take care of her younger siblings due to her spine and leg problems, she brought an incomparable amount of energy to this family of ten (two parents plus two biological children and six adopted Chinese disabled children). Happy, because she is the only person in the family who can speak Mandarin and recognize Chinese characters. So when Lisa wanted to communicate with the newly adopted child who didn't understand English, she became the only translator in the family.

In the days I spent with this family, Moly always had a smile on her face! She always laughed even when no one else was smiling. I think that's because she has cried enough in China. That's because she now lives in a loving family every day, and that's because she has love in her own heart!

I think Moly's smile is the most beautiful smile in the world. This smile makes all the people in the world who can walk healthily but still frown ashamed themselves!

At present, we are actively contacting Chinese and Western medicine parties to find a treatment plan for Moly. We hope that one day Moly will be able to get rid of that walking device and stand up on her own like ordinary people.

When I'm with her, whenever I look at the radiant smile on Moly's face, the beautiful Chinese folk song with melodious melody rips through my heart -- what a beautiful Jasmine flower!

The President of China Us Business Summit.

The President of A Perfect Love.

Qun Shen

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