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A Perfect Love's Charter as of 2021.

A Perfect Love is a charity foundation founded by Steven Shen, Chairman of China-US Business Summit. A Perfect Love is supported by core members of China-US Business Summit and brings together caring and compassionate people in our society.

A Perfect Love was established for two purposes:


  • To provide financial and miscellaneous support to American families who adopt Chinese children with special needs, so that they can better provide for the life, care, education, and physical and mental growth of the children. At the same time, this supports and promotes the adoption of more Chinese children, especially those with special needs.

  • To provide international support for the treatment and education of children with cerebral palsy and autism at the Bo'ai School in Suzhou Industrial Park, including but not limited to inviting international experts to the school for training teachers and medical staff at the school and supporting teachers and medical staff to go abroad for short-term training.


The foundation is registered in English as "A Perfect Love" and in Chinese as "中美慈爱基金会". Currently, the organization mainly operates two projects. One is to donate to adoptive families in the US who have Chinese children with special needs. This project is referred to as "Donation to Adoptive Family". The second project is international donations towards the education and treatment of children with cerebral palsy and autism at the Suzhou Bo'ai School. This project is referred to as "Support for Bo'ai School".

There are two accounts for each of the project, operating independently. The donations to the two projects share the administrative costs of the foundation.


A Perfect Love is registered in California, USA and therefore obeys laws in California. The foundation will not be bounded to any laws of other states.



President: Steven Shen (Chairman ofChina-US Business Summit)

Vice President: Liang Bing (Principal ofSuzhou Bo’ai School)

Chief Financial Officer: Yu Fu


Consultant Committee


Any individual who meets the following conditions will be enlisted by the Board of Directors to form the Consultant Committee of A Perfect Love:

  1. Possesses a clean record and makes large donations to the foundation.

  2. Has experience in operating a charitable organization.

  3. Supports the foundation's philosophy and has great social influence.


The initial funds were donated by China-US Business Summit Chairman Steven Shen. These funds became the "seed" funds and promoted the foundation in both China and the United States so that all people with loving and caring hearts who resonate with the concept of the foundation shall join.

All donations are non-refundable. Donors will receive a donation receipt from the foundation (501(c)(3)) within 5 business days. Donations are tax-deductible.


As of the 2nd year (2020) of foundation's operations, any individual or family who donates more than $50,000 will be granted the title of "Co-Founder". An organization that donates more than $80,000 will be granted the title of "Co-Organization". Should any donor (individual, family, or organization) break the law, title(s) will be terminated upon the confirmation of a court verdict or criminal record.



Funds will be granted to selected qualified adoptive families at the annual China-US Business Summit. Under special circumstances, the Board of Directors will decide the time of issuance separately.


  1. Fill the application form and provide relevant details according to the application requirements. The final decision will be made by the Board of Directors of A Perfect Love.

  2. The application form can be obtained from the U.S. headquarters of A Perfect Love, downloaded from the official website, or recommended by the China International Child Adoption Center.



Grant amounts depend on specific circumstances. There is no limit to grant amounts.


  1. Must be an American family that voluntarily adopted a Chinese child with special needs;

  2. Families that have adopted more than one Chinese child with special needs are a priority;

  3. Families that have adopted children with permanent special needs (such as blindness) will be given priority;

  4. Is an adoptive family with economic difficulties who urgently needs support from social institutions and caring people;

  5. Is an adoptive family whose living conditions (especially for the children) can be improved upon receiving donation(s).


  1. When donations enter A Perfect Love's non-profit bank account, the foundation will issue a "A Perfect Love Donation" certificate to the donor.

  2. If the donation amount reaches the amount minimum for "Co-Founder of the foundation" (see Article 7), the foundation will issue a certificate recognizing the donor as a "Co-Founder".

  3. If the amount of a donation from organization reaches the amount for "Co-Organization of the foundation" (see Article 7), the foundation will issue a certificate recognizing the donor as a "Co-Organization".


To implement all proposed work, China-US Business Summit and A Perfect Love will not only call for charitable organizations from all walks of life to donate funds, but will also seek social organizations, such as those in the fields of insurance, medicine, and education, to provide deliberate help besides money donations.


U.S. Adoptive Family Application Fund Standards: Applicants can be from all 50 states in the U.S., regardless of age, race, religion, or political party.


  1. Donors must be over 18 years old; if under the age of 18, they must donate with approval of a parent or legal guardian.

  2. Anyone with a criminal record cannot qualify to be a donor.

  3. Donors can be individuals of any race, location, religion, and political party from anywhere throughout the world, with no limits to donation amount.


Upon request, cash donors shall sign anagreement including these two terms:

  1. Donations are non-refundable under any circumstances.

  2. When a donor has a criminal record under any circumstances, any title from the foundation will be automatically terminated.


The project consists of two parts: "Going Out" and "Coming In.”

  1. "Going Out" refers to having relevant experts to travel out of the United States to attend Bo'ai School field training courses.

  2. "Coming In" refers to inviting teachers of the Bo'ai School to the United States for professional training.


Applications open from July 1st to December 31st every year.



Any time throughout the year, with no limit.





In addition to raising funds and making direct donations to qualified families, the foundation has the following tasks:


  1. Centering on the deeds of American families who are adopting and educating abandoned children from China and spreading love around the world. Including but not limited to: investment, literary works, promotion materials, videos production, film and television works, etc. and encouraging people from China and the United States, especially Chinese people, to support and fund struggling adoptive families.


  2. Conducting related research on the adoption of Chinese children in the United States and addressing issues to improve the charity's development.


  3. Providing job skills training and related assistance for children with special needs who are brought to the United States, especially children who are about to reach adulthood.



















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