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A Perfect Love has various projects to further our mission of helping underprivileged children and families.

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A Perfect Love provides free avenues for Chinese language education to allow Chinese children adopted into American families the opportunity to rebuild their mother tongue proficiency for free.

This project started in September 2019 with the successful independent development of a Chinese language learning app that can be installed on smartphones or computers. This app, named "Tofu Chinese," enables users to self-learn the 500 most commonly used Chinese sentences using English.

This "Tofu Chinese" app has been freely distributed to dozens of American adoptive families, stored on their smartphones and computers for their Chinese language learning. This is version 1.0 of the project.

At the end of 2021, A Perfect Love collaborated with "Yousi Charity" to launch version 2.0 of the "Native Language Reconstruction" project — one-on-one online Chinese language teaching. This online teaching project is named "Language Companion." After about a year of preparation, the first phase saw 80 adoptive families register to participate, with nearly a hundred language partners trained. Online teaching officially commenced in September 2022.

Payment Method: Directly fund all expenses incurred during the implementation of this project, including but not limited to: organization and training of Chinese language teachers, teacher remuneration, and expenses for the purchase of materials, technology, software, and teaching tools required for teaching.


This project aims to fulfill the wishes of adoptive families by purchasing and delivering items listed on their "wish lists" to the adoptive families.

The project started with the purchase of Christmas wish lists in December 2020 and has now become a project conducted annually before Christmas and ongoing throughout the year.

As of February 2024, A Perfect Love has sent over 145 gifts from the wish lists to more than 90 American adoptive families.


This project involves A Perfect Love funding medical and related expenses for adopted children with disabilities in American families.
The project targets American families who have adopted children from China with "special needs" (disabilities). It covers partial payments for medical procedures beyond what insurance covers, as well as fully self-funded projects not covered by insurance, such as dental corrections.

This project started in May 2019 and is conducted throughout the year. Adoptive families can apply to A Perfect Love at any time. As of March 2024, A Perfect Love has sponsored multiple families with various related expenses.

Loan conditions:
1)    Only payments for incurred medical expenses are made. (Applications can be made in advance for upcoming expenses, but the amount disbursed is based on the deductible amount on the medical bill).
2)    A Perfect Love's funds can be paid either to the institutions providing medical services to the adopted children or directly to the adoptive parents. However, in the latter case, A Perfect Love must retain the social security number of the individuals involved.


This project involves fundraising and donating by A Perfect Love to help adoptive families replace their old houses with more suitable ones for disabled children, creating a "forever home."

The project began in December 2020, with the first donation being made to Katie Hurst's family. From May 2021 to the end of the year, the project also started helping Lisa Lumpkins' family. Through our efforts, by the end of 2023, direct and indirect donations brought to the Lumpkins' family by A Perfect Love have accumulated to over $140,000 USD.

In December 2022, another "forever home" project was launched for an American adoptive family - Joshua's Cottage.

Payment Method: A Perfect Love will directly transfer funds designated for A Perfect Love's specified purposes and other existing funds of A Perfect Love to the accounts of American adoptive families. Additionally, through writing articles, releasing videos, and other means, A Perfect Love encourages donors to directly contribute funds to these families.


This involves A Perfect Love investing in filming documentaries and web series focusing on the stories of American adoptive families.
The aim is to promote greater social awareness of these families and related issues while celebrating human kindness.

The first documentary film, "Perfect Love," began filming in July 2021 and has now been completed. As of January 2024, "Perfect Love" has won 32 awards at 31 film festivals worldwide.

Payment Method: Funds will be directly allocated to the institutions responsible for producing, promoting, and publicizing the documentary. Alternatively, funds can be directly provided to individuals involved in documentary filmmaking.


This project provides emergency assistance to adoptive families whose normal lives have been disrupted due to any natural disasters (such as hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes, etc.) or unforeseen disasters, and who are unable to restore normal life within a short period due to their own capabilities.

This project was established in early 2022. The first assistance was provided to an adoptive family who had to temporarily stay in a hotel due to a house fire, and they received assistance in April 2022. In October 2022, another payment was made to an adoptive family in Florida whose home was destroyed by a hurricane.


A Perfect Love invites adoptive families to attend relevant events to experience firsthand the support from the public for their act of adoption. In this project, A Perfect Love bears the related expenses for the invited adoptive families, including but not limited to airfare, accommodation, meals, and local transportation.

This project started in early 2019 when A Perfect Love invited members of 15 adoptive families to attend the China-US Business Summit in Los Angeles.

Due to the impact of the pandemic, this project was suspended in 2020 and resumed in 2023.
Payment Method: In principle, A Perfect Love only covers the expenses incurred for inviting adoptive families to attend the event.


A Perfect Love encourages individuals from all walks of society to write articles, produce videos, and conduct media operations (such as holding press conferences) with the aim of spreading the great love of American adoptive families. It also pays corresponding fees for qualified and outstanding works, including expenses incurred for translating related documents during the creative process and publishing advertisements.

This project has been implemented since April 2019, with 20 articles published and four video programs completed.

The first short video was completed in May 2021 and published on the "China-US Business Summit" public account.

Payment Method: Creators can apply either before or after the creation process. Upon approval, A Perfect Love can directly pay the corresponding amount to the individual creator or to media and media operation companies. Agreements must be signed for expenditures exceeding six hundred US dollars.


A Perfect Love collaborates with various social individuals and groups engaged in activities that align with A Perfect Love's mission, supporting and funding practical deeds for adoptive families.

This includes providing assistance to adopted children in need of medical aid, such as helping to find bone marrow donors, providing care for children left at home when parents go out to take their children for medical treatment, delivering meals, etc. Additionally, activities like visiting and comforting adoptive families are also part of this project.

This project was launched in 2022, and multiple donations have been made to individuals conducting such activities.

Loan conditions: Eligible individuals can apply in advance or afterward for reimbursement of expenses incurred within one year. An agreement must be signed for expenses exceeding one thousand US dollars.


To let more ordinary families and children experience the power of love from American adoptive parents, A Perfect Love is establishing the "A Perfect Love" series of stage plays. These plays are based on the touching stories of various American adoptive families sponsored by A Perfect Love, with the growth process of each abandoned infant as the main storyline. The aim is to bring these heartwarming stories into theaters and closer to everyone.

A Perfect Love invites project managers with the most stage play experience in China to comprehensively plan the stage plays. Funds are raised through live performances, peripheral products, post-production promotion, and global tours. Special roles will be planned for disabled children who are willing and able to perform, allowing them to experience the "Stage of Love."

The production costs of this project are covered by A Perfect Love through pre-event publicity, roadshows, and donations. All profits from the performances, after deducting operating costs, are donated to the families who inspired the stories.

This project started in 2023 and plans to perform three plays based on the stories of three families over 3-5 years.


This project involves funding trips to China for American adoptive families. This includes trips to China to adopt disabled abandoned infants and to reunite with biological families in China after being adopted by American families.

This project started at the China-US Business Summit in April 2019, providing assistance to two American families to travel to China.

Loan conditions: Applicants should submit the application form at least 60 days before the trip to China. The form can be downloaded from A Perfect Love's official website. Funds are primarily allocated to directly pay for airfare, hotel accommodation, meals, local transportation, and translation services for the adoptive families' trip to China.


1)  Awarding outstanding contributors, whether they directly donate to these families or demonstrate outstanding performance in donation events organized by A Perfect Love.
2) Awarding writers, photographers, and media producers who consistently contribute to promoting the cause of adoptive families.
3)  Awarding leaders who initiate or co-host activities aligned with A Perfect Love's mission.

The nomination process involves individuals filling out application forms themselves or being recommended by third parties. Submissions undergo review by A Perfect Love. Upon approval, A Perfect Love awards certificates, cash prizes, and media coverage to the exemplary individuals at suitable events.

This project was initiated in 2019 and has already recognized a group of individuals who have made contributions to American adoptive families.



This project provides financial assistance for adoptive families in the United States to organize funerals for their Chinese children and American parents in the event of their passing.

Launched in 2022, this project aims to provide funds for multiple families in need.


This project involves supporting and funding activities for civil adoption agencies in China, such as purchasing teaching materials for adopted children.

Launched in 2022, this project aims to provide assistance to civil adoption agencies in China.


This project involves implementing matching donations or proportional matching donations when individuals donate to specific fundraising activities initiated by A Perfect Love. For example, if someone donates $10,000 to the Lumpkins family during a fundraising campaign for the "Forever Home" project, A Perfect Love will also donate $10,000 within a specific timeframe.

Launched in 2022, this project conducts at least one matching donation campaign annually for donations to American adoptive families. The specific projects and timing for matching donations are announced on the official website.


In cases where Chinese abandoned infants adopted by American families are relinquished due to unforeseen circumstances, and new American families step in to adopt them again, this project provides support to these second adoptive families.

Launched in January 2023, the first family to receive assistance under this project was Brenda Brown, a black single mother living in Memphis, Tennessee.


Over the past five years, among the 96 American adoptive families assisted by A Perfect Love, it was discovered that many families were adopting children from countries other than China who had lost their biological parents. These adoptive parents demonstrated love that transcended borders. The adopted children thrived in this love. Therefore, A Perfect Love believes that its funds and support should break through existing borders, starting with China. Starting from September 2023, the scope of donations is expanded to include orphans adopted by American families from Asia, as long as they meet the criteria. The first family to receive assistance under this project is Dave and Mandy Litzke, who have adopted a total of 15 orphans, including one from Hong Kong, three from South Korea, and one from Vietnam.


As children adopted into the United States continue to grow, more and more of them reach the age where they complete their 12 years of compulsory education. Most of them need to enter college or vocational schools to become self-sufficient in the future. This type of education is a significant expense in the United States, especially for families with more than one child, which becomes a heavy economic burden. Some families are now facing the situation of being unable to afford these costs. Therefore, in October 2023, A Perfect Love established an education fund specifically for these children to support their education directly. It also calls for assistance to help them overcome this challenge. The first batch of education funds will be awarded to Mylee from the Mandi Yager family, and Molly and Olivia from the Lisa Lumpkins family.


Family is the starting point of life, and many problems stem from early upbringing. During a child's growth process, attention must be paid to their psychological health to ensure they grow up in a positive, healthy, and optimistic environment, capable of achieving happiness. In November 2023, we launched "Tomorrow's Smiles" to provide free psychological health knowledge popularization, counseling, and guidance services for families, caregivers, teachers, volunteers, and other related individuals involved in Chinese children adopted in the United States. The aim is to guide, intervene, and treat psychological health problems in children and adolescents, enhancing their sense of happiness, security, identity, and achievement, and creating a happier tomorrow. We have assembled experts in child and adolescent psychological education, cognitive development, and psychopathology worldwide to participate in "Tomorrow's Smiles" and provide support through online teaching interactions. This project is open all year round, and adoptive families can apply to A Perfect Love at any time.


American adoptive families may encounter legal issues in the process of raising children that require professional assistance. This process incurs costs, which some families are unable to afford. A Perfect Love will extend a helping hand based on specific circumstances, determine the amount of assistance, and help them overcome difficulties. The first recipient of such assistance is Cheryl from New Jersey, a retired single mother. She needed to go through a series of legal procedures and pay related fees for the guardianship of her adopted daughter Lyla, who has epilepsy, after turning 18. Her meager retirement pension was already stretched thin from raising two disabled Chinese abandoned infants. Therefore, A Perfect Love made a donation to assist her.

Two Annual Special Projects

Annual Recognition of Outstanding Models.

  1. Donors with outstanding contributions. Whether it's donating directly to these families on your own, or through A Perfect Love donations.

  2. Writers, photographers, and media producers who have made outstanding contributions to the adoptive family.

  3. Leaders who founded or co-hosted activities in line with the purpose of A Perfect Love.

  4. Review process: candidates fill in the registration form, or a third party fills in the recommendation form, the submit to A Perfect Love for review.

  5. If approved, A Perfect Love will issue certificates and bonuses to the role models on appropriate occasions, and release press.

Matching Donation.

For the specific donation activities initiated by A Perfect Love, when people donate, A Perfect Love implements the work of equal or proportional donation.
For example, when A Perfect Love carries out "Forever Home" project, if an individual donates $10,000 US dollars to the family, A Perfect Love will donate $10,000 US dollars in a certain period of time. Beginning in 2022, there will be at least one annual matching donation for U.S. adoptive families.

The specific project and when the matching donation will be implemented are subject to the release of the official website.

The act of foreigners adopting abandoned Chinese infants has a long history. It has been documented since 1914, when a Western missionary adopted an abandoned Chaozhou baby in Guangdong.

On April 1, 1992, China officially loosened foreign adoption and related laws.
After international adoption was opened, the United States gradually became the country with the largest number of adoptions. According to data from the US Department of State's International Adoption Agency, as of 2014, a total of 88,298 Chinese orphans have been adopted by American families.
Nearly 100,000 Chinese children have been adopted by American families. And this number is still rising year after year.
Among these adopted children, there is a significant proportion of infants that have a congenital degree of disability.
Also, among the adoptive families in the United States, there is a significant proportion of adoptive families that have adopted more than one disabled and abandoned baby. These families that have reduced their original quality of life because of their charitable behavior.

A Perfect Love is a contribution to these target families and strives to make these families have better lives.
The donations of A Perfect Love are indefinite and open to any eligible American family. See the Charter of the A Perfect Love for details.


Bo'ai School was founded about 20 years by Ms. Liang Bing. In the past 20 years, under the leadership of President Liang, the school has treated countless people and has 120 students. It has become a leader in its field in China.

Suzhou Bo'ai School has admitted students from various regions in China. It has become a veritable international child rehabilitation school. The school-related teaching, along with the learning team under Principal Liang, is constantly exploring and innovating their practices, which has made some aspects of the therapeutic education of cerebral palsy and autistic children in Suzhou Bo'ai School reach or exceed the current international level.
In order to promote the therapeutic education of Suzhou Bo'ai School to a new level and to further benefit children who are treated in China, the foundation has specially raised funds from society, mainly for the teachers to go to the United States for training and further studying. Experts would be sent to Suzhou Bo'ai School for on-the-spot training.

The donation funds to the Bo'ai School are used irregularly with the establishment of the annual project, and all are paid in the United States. The ultimate goal of the foundation's project is to promote the Suzhou Bo’ai School's model of teaching and learning for children with disabilities to grow better in China, including those outside of Suzhou. This will benefit more children who are unable to enter regular schools at the same age for regular education.


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