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Father and Daughter




Regardless of age or experience, A Perfect Love welcomes and treasures all individuals who want to make a change in adoptive children and families' lives, and all of us at A Perfect Love would like to thank you for the interest in our mission.

If you are interested in volunteering to help with A Perfect Love, please scroll down for our volunteer form below.

Work with a

Volunteering with A Perfect Love is a perfect opportunity for anyone interested in non-profit organizations or charity organizations to gain experience and insight into the work that these kinds of groups do daily.

Assist Children &

Working with our organization gives you the opportunity to provide support for financially-struggling adoptive families, who often have had to pay various fees in addition to their basic adoption fees.

Engage in Cultural

Since A Perfect Love specifically deals with adoptive children from China, volunteers can also learn more about Chinese culture as the organization provides help to families by offering various ways to keep their children's connection to their home country.


Please fill out the following form if you would like to take part in A Perfect Love's projects and events. Please note that all fields are required before the form can be submitted.

Do you have previous experience working for a charity?
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