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Mother and Daughter


From when it was first conceptualized in 2018 to today, A Perfect Love has continually grown and sought out new ways to help struggling families and kids.


After two months of communication with adoptive families, as well as with the head of Chinese Children Adoption International (CCAI), Steven Shen, Chairman of China-US Business Summit, decides to formally establish a foundation for American families experiencing financial difficulties in adopting abandoned Chinese children with disabilities.




"A Perfect Love" is decided as the foundation's official name, and state registration work is started. Steven Shen and Bing Liang, principal of Suzhou Bo'ai School are recognized as co-founders.

The first charters of the foundation are established.


"A Perfect Love" is successfully registered in California, symbolizing the official establishment of the foundation.

The organization's consultants, a group of experts with experience in foundation operations including Kim Holland, Kevin Foster, and others are gathered to ensure the foundation's long-term and positive progress.

A Perfect Love's first press conference is organized in the Hilton San Gabriel. Steven Shen receives donations on-site.



2 U.S. adoptive families (15 people total) are invited to Los Angeles to attend fundraising events.


Opening ceremony of A Perfect Love. U.S. Congresswoman Judy Chu, local mayors including Jason Pu and Andre Quintero, attend the event.


Charity auction events are organized during the 10th Annual China-US Business Summit's cocktail party.


A Perfect Love goes to adoptive families to provide donations, taking care of all expenses beyond insurance coverage for the Kimberly family.


The official bilingual website of A Perfect Love goes online.


A Perfect Love donates smartphones; 6 of the latest model of Huawei phones are gifted to 6 adopted children.


The 2nd edition of the foundation's charter is enforced. Adjustments to the donation criteria are made: families who adopt one child with a permanent disability (e.g. blindness, etc.) qualify.


The "Rebuilding Mother Tongue" program for adopted Chinese children begins so they can be taught Chinese for free. The head of A Perfect Love reached an agreement with the R&D team to develop a one-on-one Chinese language learning app.


A ceremony is held in Beijing for issuing certificates to Ms. Zhongyan An, a co-founder of A Perfect Love. A group of entrepreneurs and Zhaohui Yang, painter and consultant of the Beijing Women Entrepreneurs Association, promise to donate to the foundation. A total of 1.12 million yuan is pledged.


The 501(c)(3) tax-exemption is approved by IRS and A Perfect Love officially became a non-profit organization in the United States.


The "Rebuilding Mother Tongue" app version 1.0 is completed and gifted to U.S. families with adopted Chinese children.




An honorary certificate is issued to Ms. Li Zhao, co-founder of A Perfect Love. The ceremony is held at the San Gabriel Hilton in Los Angeles.


Cooperation begins between CCSER (China's Child Safety Emergency Response) and ICMEC (International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children); a formal talk is held in the U.S. capital, Washington D.C.


Cooperation continues with Chinese Children Adoption International in the U.S. to assist families with urgent needs.


A donation is made to Alicia Doyon, a single mother who adopted 2 Chinese children with disabilities.


Received a U.S. Small Business Administration loan of $58,800.


All raised funds transferred into SunStone Management for investment.


Sent Christmas gifts to 17 adopted Chinese children as well as their parents.




Sent a donation check to Katie Hurst. In the meantime, according to the orders of the donation organizer for the Hurst family, donation activities were stopped.

Accepted a donation from the Trinity Treasure Team.

Started cooperation with Holt International.


Communicated with Lisa Lumpkins' family regarding assistance after the purchase of their new house.


Started donation activities for the Lumpkins family. Completed 2 original articles and published 2 pieces of personal media. The 2 articles received a positive response from readers. 


Contacted 2 foundations and hundreds of donors who expressed a willingness to donate to the Lumpkins family.


The first donation check for the Lumpkins family was mailed out. Original articles in English were published.


Contacted more foundations regarding donations for Lisa’s family.


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