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A Loving Family, a Warm Gathering, and Spreading Love on a Chinese Map

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Author: Zongqun Wu

At the China-US Business Summit's charity dinner held this evening, the Lumpkins family and the Bush family, who came from Kentucky and Washington, joined together at the summit's warm gathering.

Gene Lumpkins is an engineer at a car manufacturing company. He and his wife Lisa have a biological son and daughter of 19 and 18 years-old. Then they have six adoptive Chinese children, the youngest of these children being 7 years-old and the oldest being 17 years-old. All of them have different medical disabilities, ranging from cerebral palsy, severe brain disability and several other impairments. However, people can see the happy atmosphere of the family from the family members' faces: they are very happy, and the children have excellent academic performance at school.

Another family has Christopher Bush, an industrial health technician. He and his wife, Erin Bush, have three children, ages ranging from 9 and 13 years-old, and the two children they have adopted are just 3 and 7 years-old. These children live in harmony with each other like brothers and sisters.

At the event, when asked if these children wanted to revisit their birthplace of China, the children and parents all wept tears and said that if they had the opportunity to go, they would do it. This topic aroused great enthusiasm from the on-site entrepreneurs: they all expressed their sincere invitations to these children to visit their hometowns. At the same time, they went to the stage together and marked their hometowns on the special Chinese map. According to the closest statistics, entrepreneurs from nearly 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, have promised that any member of these two families can visit their families anytime and anywhere, and they will host them and accompany them to experience their hometown's natural scenery and culture.

Li Song, a member of the Beijing Women Entrepreneurs Association, said that starting this year, they will donate 50,000 RMB each year to help them complete their journey to visit their hometowns.

With this kind of deep love, the summit will make this map a beautiful souvenir to keep the memory of the two families.

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