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A coming-of-age ceremony without a birthday cake, an extraordinary life insight

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

A few months ago, Mr. Luo, a senior member of our summit, approached me and asked me to plan an 18-year-old coming-of-age ceremony for his son in high school.

When I told him that I had just set up a foundation called "A Perfect Love", it raised funds for American families who adopted Chinese children with special needs. He immediately said, "Can my son be involved in your cause?"

At the opening ceremony of the China-US Business Summit, this is the moment when the young man and US Congressmen, other US dignitaries, and other co-founders of the Charity Foundation unveiled the foundation.

May 5th was the 18th birthday of this kid named Luo. As the creator of the foundation, I put on a T-shirt of the Foundation together with Luo, and we drove into the car to visit an adoptive family which adopted two Chinese abandoned children.

When I took the Luo father and son into this ordinary American family as promised. When we entered, we were stunned by the scene, a family of five living in a small house of just over 1,000 square feet. Obviously, this family can't be one bedroom per person like the American standard. There are three couches with three different colors and styles, The couches you can find on the street are all newer than these three couches. There was only a narrow strip of loess in the backyard—not even a modest lawn that Californians have. But what I see is The three children are having a great time. Although the little girl Claire with the cleft lip can't pronounce normally, and the other little Chinese boy named Hua Hua runs around, I can see that his limbs are all mutilated.

When I look into the garden, the small backyard is filled with a giant slide and swing set, That's all the entertainment for the kids. When seeing me taking a picture of the swing in the backyard, Kimberly said proudly: "This is a second-hand slide and swing set. The total for such a tank is less than three hundred dollars.

We went to a nearby Chinese restaurant for dinner. Kimberly told us how she walked into an orphanage several years ago, where the poor and miserable living conditions of the children shocked her. Especially those kids with special needs. It was the experience that made her determined to adopt abandoned kids with special needs in China. When the waitress saw that she had been taking care of the two Chinese brothers and sisters with special needs beside her, she said with admiration, "This is your adopted Chinese kids, right?" Kimberly replied, "Yes."

At this time, the waiter saw the blond girl sitting on the side without being taken care of, and pointed with his hand: "This is your own kid..." Kimberly interrupted him immediately, "These are my kids!" We looked at this mother, and I felt that the two Chinese with special needs were protected by Kimberly far beyond the normal child.

Lil Luo was experiencing a world he had never been in contact with before. During the dinner, he kept asking the two parents about the details of the child in fluent English. I know that today touched him deeply. Finally, he took the envelope with the donation check and handed it to the mother: "Please accept our best wishes."

On this day, we were engrossed in communicating with this American family that we didn't even buy a birthday cake for Lil Luo's bar mitzvah. But alter he sent me a text - "80,000 of the 110,000 Chinese abandoned babies adopted by the United States are disabled, which is shocking to me. The majority of adopted Chinese kids have special needs, the courage and selflessness of these American families really touched me. The Ryan family not only adopted kids with special needs, but also gave the two abandoned children no less love than their own daughter, which touched me very much. And the decision of Ryan and his wife not to keep the two children away from Chinese culture but to let the children continue to learn Chinese makes me feel that they are really open-minded. And I feel that the family lives frugally. The host The use of 'feast' to describe that meal shows that they rarely eat a meal that is not a big meal for us at all."

I felt the impact of this coming-of-age ceremony without cake on Ronaldinho's heart. I believe that he will be a adult gradually. I believe that he will eventually achieve a life valuable to the society.

President of A Perfect Love

Shen Qun

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