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Bo'ai School and ACCPDM Cerebral Palsy Children's Family Plan

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

AACPDM is an important mission of the American Society for the Development of Cerebral Palsy to promote excellence in research for the benefit of patients with cerebral palsy and childhood illness. One way to promote research is through annual research grants.

Research grants support high quality clinical research projects/plans. This award can be used to fund the planning of a project or to complete a small, influential research project in any field related to the AACPDM mission. Successful applicants will be obligated to have a performance record in the disability study for childhood onset.

The application for the grant must be an AACPDM member and reputable members are eligible to apply.

Bing Liang has been assigned to this research project to fight for the sake of those living with cerebral palsy.

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