Adoptive Family Project Description

Foreigners adopting abandoned Chinese babies has a long history and has been documented since 1914 when Western missionaries adopted an abandoned Chaozhou baby in Guangdong.

On April 1, 1992, China officially loosened restrictions on foreign adoption and related laws.

After international adoption became permitted, the United States gradually became the country with the largest number of adoptions. According to data from the US Department of State's International Adoption Agency, as of 2014, a total of 88,298 Chinese orphans have been adopted by American citizens.

Nearly 100,000 Chinese children have been adopted by families in the U.S. and this number is still rising year after year.

Among these adopted babies, a significant proportion of these infants have a congenital degree of disability.

Also, among the adoptive families in the United States, a significant number of adoptive families have adopted more than one abandoned baby with disabilities. For these families, their original quality of life has been reduced because of their charitable behavior.

A Perfect Love focuses its contributions on these target families, striving to help these families have a better life. Funding from A Perfect Love is indefinite and is open to any eligible family. See A Perfect Love’s Charter for details.

BO’AI School Project description

Bo’ai School was founded 21 years ago by Ms. Liang Bing. In the past 20 years, under the leadership of President Liang, the school has treated countless people and has 120 students. It has become a leader in the same field in China.

Suzhou Bo'ai School has admitted students from many regions in China. It has become a veritable international children’s rehabilitation school. The school-related teaching and learning team under the guidance of Principal Liang is also constantly exploring and innovating its practices, which has made some aspects of the therapeutic education for cerebral palsy and autistic children in Suzhou Bo'ai School reach or exceed current international levels.

In order to elevate the therapeutic education of Suzhou Bo'ai School to a new level and to further benefit children who are treated in China, the Foundation has raised special funds from the public, mainly for teachers to go to the United States for training and to further study this field and for experts to be brought to Suzhou Bo'ai School for on-the-spot training.

The use of donated funds for Bo’ai School varies based on annual project needs. All funds are raised in the United States. The ultimate goal of the Foundation in regards to this project is to promote the development of the Suzhou Bo’ai School's model of teaching and learning for children with disabilities not only in Suzhou, but throughout China. This will benefit more children who are unable to enter the regular school system.