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When those who acting meet those who talking。when moving, participating and questioning coexist

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

When those who acting meet those who talking。when moving, participating and questioning coexist - "perfect love" moves forward in an imperfect world.

First of all, I have been touched many times, and received replies and messages from all over the world. There are some old friends expressed their participation in donating money. Some strangers asked me for a bank account. Some said that they could not afford the money but insisted on contributing. Someone immediately asked me to register as a volunteer after retirement.

I never thought I could get so much happiness in such a short amount of time! I began to realize that doing this business is not what I can do to the outside world, but a process of self sublimation.

Of course, in the overwhelming information, there are also various stories of American families adopting Chinese abandoned babies, including text, photos, videos.

I have to reply to all this. This makes me fully understand the fundamental difference between "running a cause" and "participating in a cause". To participate, you only need to make a certain donation, while "hosting" requires you to make feedback and decisions on people's opinions and suggestions at any time. It requires you to invest so much time, and requires you to have a comprehensive understanding of the cause Responsible.

This responsibility you take is not easy. This is bound by many relevant US laws. Especially when your non-profit foundation is operating, you can legally raise donations from the public and make this part of the donor's income tax-deductible, you are even more legally responsible. If you mishandle your donations, it's not someone else who is holding you accountable, or the IRS, which makes many people scared.

But I know that responsibility is connected to happiness. Without responsibility, you would not have the happiness that responsibility brings.

In addition to being responsible, you have to pay something. This payment requires enough energy and time in addition to money.

Through my communication with Chinese Children Adoption International, I have made direct contact with a group of American families who have adopted Chinese disabled and abandoned kids. I also learned that they have more needs besides financial support. For example, they hope that these children can learn Chinese from an early age, and they hope that these children can understand more Chinese culture.

So I felt that the original plan, which was just donations, needed to be greatly expanded. I hope to form an institution of volunteers who are willing to contribute and have corresponding experience, and also open direct online teaching for these children. So that these Chinese children who have become American citizens can learn Chinese language and culture for free at home. Let this 100,000 kids be able to speak both Chinese and English in the future, and understand both Chinese and American cultures. Let them become friendly messengers Between China and US, promote exchanges between the two countries, and let them form a special force and even maintain international peace. Therefore, this undertaking is not only significant but also a systematic project.

This was an unexpected challenge for me. Because I still run companies in both China and the United States, I am very busy every day; and at home, there are seniors and juniors, and I need to worry about it on a daily basis.

As a result, I had to make new choices about my full schedule. I was forced to redefine what was "important" to me and what was "unimportant".

I realized that I was growing again in this new trade-off. If it is said that life is always growing, then the true meaning of life I have realized at this stage is that once you start giving and giving, you will immediately become less concerned about gains and losses. What a realization that can improve the quality of life!

Of course, in addition to being moved and participating in the feedback, I also received a lot of questions ,"Why do you do this?" "Are you worth doing this?" "Can you do this well? "And, "How long can you keep doing this?"

In fact, I have already explained these issues clearly in that "Xuanyan". But they didn't believe it, they figured there must be some other reason for it.

But I still thank these questioners. No matter what your intentions are, it is your doubts that make me think again about this question that I have thought about. And I believe that the more thinking, the more determined my footsteps will be.

In this way, I instantly used the mobile phone WeChat to divide the two poles of the friends. I redefine what a "friend" is. I was able to decide who was worth spending time with for the rest of my life.

I really didn't expect that I would get such a good touchstone - a WeChat to paste my "Xuanyan" and see opinions from the other party's reaction.

I have 7,000 WeChat friends on my mobile phone, the kind that people called familiar. I was taught from a young age - "How familiar between people depends on the classes of people ". Now I know this is the truth. A WeChat can identify people of the same class, and a WeChat can identify who is a real friend.

I have more than 700 WeChat groups, and I usually see a bunch of people in many groups arguing about illusory things. And then I can watch them arguing about the things are not important at all. But when I put this public welfare cause in the group for comments, the group immediately became silent.

However, I am not afraid of questioning or indifference. Because at my age, I am no longer doing things for someone to see, or to win something. I just need to be worthy of my heart.

I also never expected everyone to unify their thoughts. The era of group shouting the same slogan is gone forever. Only the state of collective ignorance can produce the unity of countless individuals from the heart. The real world is full of wonders, and all living beings will be very different. Every life has a reason to grow and develop according to its own nutrients and hormones, and in many cases, there are no right or wrong concepts.

"Everything is the best arrangement". I don't have any discrimination or hostility towards people who don't agree with me. I just need to flick a finger to remove them from my social group. My life has been too noisy all the way, I've already reached the point when doing subtraction. Only by letting the noise of the world recede like a tide can I enter true inner peace.

I know that I am not the government of China and the United States, and I do not need to "seek common ground while reserving differences" and "control differences" when dealing with people. Because I can't get along with the people around me who have no disagreement with me.

In fact, I don't think there's any need to answer questions on a case-by-case basis for people who question me. When they ask questions one by one, I'd much rather tell them what I've done here in the weeks since the declaration

First of all, our non-profit organization has been registered in the United States. The name is called "A Perfect Love". It's a name I'm very happy with. Because these abandoned babies were born with disabilities, and they lost the love of their relatives soon after they were born. But they regained a love that came across the ocean. It is this love that makes them reborn thousands of miles away from home. And shape their growth and success throughout their lives. Isn't this a perfect love?

just like the scene where an abandoned baby adopted by an American family and a Chinese biological mother met through a transoceanic video many years later. When the Chinese biological mother cried and said, "I'm sorry for you", the youth who has grown up in the United States The woman just calmly and meaningfully replied in English: "It is a good thing".

At the same time, the logo of our foundation has been designed. This was done by Min Li, who has become a design master from the Economics Department of Peking University. This design has been raved about by all the people on our team who worked on it. A pair of symbols symbolizing parents pulls a child and dances, and the three of them form a smiling face together. Each of the three basic colors of the world, red, yellow, and blue, represents each individual that is indispensable in a family.

Third, the board of directors, whose Chinese name translates to "Love Foundation", was established. All members work voluntarily without pay, they only pay for this, and at the same time they get happiness and happiness in line with their own philosophy.

Fourth, the Advisory Committee of the Charity Foundation was established. This is a group of Chinese and American people with many years of experience in operating public welfare foundations. They are also obliged to join our cause, use their experience and wisdom to set sail for our cause, and at the same time escort me as a recruit of the public welfare cause.

Fifth, the fund's operation and management agreement has been reached. The funds raised by us will be managed by the American Akashi Foundation without any charge, and will guarantee the annual income. This enables Charity Fund to run year after year like a large international public welfare fund such as the Nobel Prize. This ensures that every donation is no longer a one-time use. Instead, it can be collected into towers and piles of sand to protect the sustainable growth of the fund with steady fixed-income investments, and donate only the money generated by the fund's operations every year. This will allow our "perfect love" to last forever.

Sixth, the number of co-sponsors of this great public welfare undertaking is still increasing, Wei Xian, Jinyi Zhang, Cong Shen.

Seventh, our bilingual official website in Chinese and English is in full swing and will be launched soon. ( Since then, China and the United States have added a platform for people-to-people exchanges to conduct cross-ocean interactions around the clock; The life of race and faith.

Eighth, the American family that has two biological children and has successively adopted six Chinese disabled and abandoned babies has accepted our invitation. Their family of ten will fly to Los Angeles on April 27 to receive the first donation from the Charity Foundation at the opening ceremony of the 10th China-US Business Summit.

Ninth, our foundation's first press conference has been scheduled for the Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. The first group of co-sponsors who can arrive at the local area will take a group photo together at the scene.

There are many, many more. All in all, I would gladly join hands with those who are moved by this and who are willing to participate. Let the doubters stay there and keep questioning, I am a doer. I have to hurry, things are done, not spoken. My goal is still very far away, so I dare not stop, I want to go all the way.

Of course, thanks to God, I will take this opportunity to do a good job of subtraction in my life. Thinking about the future, I will only associate with people I want to associate with every moment. Let's work together to do what we think is the most worthwhile thing in life. That is a What a fascinating world!

Author: Shen Qun, President of A Perfect Love Foundation

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