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Passing on Love, Warming the World. - The Touch of an American Mother to China.

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Since the publication of the article about the adoption of 6 disabled Chinese abandoned babies by American mother Lisa, I have been immersed in an indescribable moving. When I wake up in the morning and open my eyes, I will see another stranger scanning the code to apply for a private message from Unicom - that is what the readers of this article want to say to me.

There were constantly SMS reminders on the mobile phone of the ICBC account - it was an account specially set up for Lisa's donation.

The number of original likes and comments sent by the circle of friends is still increasing. Thousands of Chinese people are moved by Lisa's incredible love over the past 13 years. And a large number of them turned from excitement to action - deciding what to do for the American mother who adopted six Chinese children.

I also kept feeding Lisa back with everything that was happening, from comments to donations. From Lisa's repeated surprises and gratitude, I have fully felt what I have always hoped for her - the Chinese nation is a nation that repays gratitude!

I would like to record everything that has happened these days. Not only to report to Lisa, but also to communicate with readers, and to restore this Chinese and American folk story that spans the Pacific Ocean.

  1. Moved by love, I am also moved by yours

A netizen named "Lu" left a message after the official account article,“Just now, I was surprised to hear the cry of the husband in the bedroom. It turned out that I was moved by the behavior of the couple. For the first time in my life, I saw a seven-footed man cry for a stranger…”

Indeed, many people were moved to tears for this family, and the reason, as a good friend of mine said, really touched the deepest part of the human conscience.

As the reporter of this event, I got acquainted with a large number of strangers in both China and the United States. Just because of the same moving, we suddenly became connected with each other.

Many people did not scan the code to add me on WeChat, but directly transferred the donor to the designated account and left. -I understand, that's because they don't think it's important to hear a "thank you" from me or Lisa, they just feel like they have to do the right thing.

So let me take this opportunity to say "thank you" and "blessings" to these caring people who I can't meet. I will definitely convey your donations, and Lisa will definitely understand your thoughts.

In fact, no matter the age, everyone comes to this story with their own experience. Lisa's actions not only awakened their awareness of "big love", but also touched the memories hidden in some people's hearts. As an old international student who is now retired and sent a check to donate to me said to me: "Lisa's story reminds me of the help the Americans gave me back then. I didn't have a scholarship in the United States at that time, and I didn't have the money to rent a house when I entered school. , the American teacher took me to live at her house first, and helped me at the most difficult stage. Now Lisa's family is in difficulties, although I have retired but I have no worries about food and clothing, I should do my best. "

This article made me meet new people and meet long-lost friends at the same time。

They said, “Although we haven't seen each other for nearly 30 years, seeing your article makes me feel very close!"

"You are a person from literature, and your writing is very touching. In fact, it is a good thing for the Charity Foundation to donate money, but arousing the attention of the society through the media, making people aware of the existence of such a thing, and awakening social forces to help them can also inspire To pry up the fulcrum of the earth."

When he said he had donated to my foundation and Lisa's family at the same time, and told me how much I had donated, I was moved—the largest donation since the foundation's inception. This can't help but remind me of those people who promised me how much money they would donate in public, but they haven't made any news until now. How can there be such a big gap between people!

He is the kind of close friend, no matter how many years we haven’t seen each other, in fact, he has never gone far, he is by my side.

I am most touched by the elderly who have retired. One morning when I opened my eyes, I saw a text message sent to my phone,“Good morning Mr. Shen! I am an ordinary retiree, in my seventies this year. I am moved by your article, support this American couple's act of kindness only in my modest way, and thank you for everything you do! Hope the world be filled with love!”

When I reading the message, my eyes couldn't help but get wet, because the amount of money she transferred to me was probably a full month's pension for a retiree. I replied right away,“ Hello Ms. Zhu, thank you very much! We will transfer your donation as soon as possible. But before accepting this money, I would like to advise you to think again, because as a retiree, 5,000 yuan is not a small number, so you can adjust it, donate a little less, and express your love it is ok. Please think again.”

She replied me very soon,“ I can do it, thank you.”

And also, there are some donations with special thinkings that I can forget. They said,“ Mr. Shen, I am very moved to see your post on adopting children with special needs in China. We would like to buy a Christmas gift for each of the biological children of the adoptive family to show our Chinese grandparents' care and gratitude to American children. They sacrificed too much for it. We don't want to donate to individuals or organizations, because it will lead to countless phone calls and emails asking for donations. We are retired, and our retirement pension is enough to live with a slight surplus, so it is impossible to donate more.

If you are not afraid, we can send a $500 check to you personally, please do it on your behalf, the only condition is that please do not disclose our name, address, phone number and other information.”

Everyone's expression is different and their financial ability is different, so the donation numbers are also different, but I can feel that every donation comes from their hearts.

At this moment, I can't help thinking of the words in the thank-you letter that the school wrote to Cui after Cui donated money to the public welfare website of the University of Southern California - "We are confident and rich, not because of how much money we have, but because of how much money we have. The reason is what kind of people we have." Why isn’t I the same today? !

Among the donors, the simplest one is my long-time friend who lived in the east of the United States. He said,“ I didn't say anything that day, and suddenly I received a transfer of 10,000 yuan from him on my mobile phone WeChat. I knew he wasn't a very rich man, and I had gotten into the habit of getting any money, so I immediately asked him, "What's going on with this money?"

His reply was simple and clear: "For you."

For me? It doesn't make sense! I believe he must have turned the money for reading that Lisa article.

I know that two years ago he had a plan to drive himself around the United States to photograph the daily lives of these American adoptive families and witness the growth of these Chinese children. He plans to drive an RV and make photograph for a year. I think it's a feat for him, and I'm very supportive and involved in planning this. It is a pity that this plan was originally scheduled to start in May 2020, but had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

He was in his 60s and his eyes were bad. I still remember him said, "I must have done this before I go blind!"

So the money was never given to me personally, but he used it for me to do things like support Lisa's family. So I decided to donate 10,000 yuan to the A Perfect Love Foundation, which is where the money should go.

This series of touching words and behaviors surrounding the Lisa family's story reminds me of that song I love so much. It is,“As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will be a better place!”

2. Think my duty again

A Perfect Love has been founded three years。The process that doing things for American adopted families is a process that I keep thinking the duty of the foundation.

When I first established the foundation, I didn't think much about it. I just felt that it would be unfortunate that these people who gave great love to the abandoned babies in China could not get it. So I have always made fundraising from various sessions and donating money to these families who have difficulties in life as a core work.

But after constant reflection, I have become more and more clear now that fundraising and donations are important, but awakening the spiritual awareness of this great love is equally important, or even more important.

Therefore, I decided to revise the articles of association of the foundation and make the promotion of this kind of human love an important task of the foundation, whether it is through writing articles, making videos, or shooting documentary films.

Let more people know that there are so many adopted Chinese abandoned babies in the United States, especially families with disabled and abandoned babies who are moving forward day by day! They use the great love in the world to soothe nearly 90,000 Chinese hearts that were traumatized in childhood.

Therefore, the value of our foundation's existence is very clear. It exists for the 90,000 disabled Chinese abandoned children in the United States! It exists for about 40,000 American adoptive families! It exists to wake up tens of millions of Chinese people! It exists to promote the great love in the world! It exists to let the world know that the Chinese nation is a nation that repays kindness!

From this year, the annual report of the China-US Charity Foundation will not only include the donor families, the number of people and the amount of money, but also the number of people awakened to invest in this cause as an indicator.

I am sure that more and more people will be awakened and let us honor these American adoptive parents with our actions!

I believe that love is like a seed, she can take root and grow into a towering tree. I believe that love is like a torch, it can be relayed and passed down, and it can warm the world.

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