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A Perfect Love has various projects to further our mission of helping underprivileged children and families.



Provide free Chinese language education so that adopted Chinese children growing up in America have the opportunity to practice and reconnect to their native language for free.


This prgram started in September 2019, featuring an independently developed software that can be used on mobile phones and computers so users can have an English platform to learn the 500 most commonly used Chinese sentences.

As a multi-year project, Heritage Language Learning Program is currently in preparatory work for the second phase - online teaching.


Actualizing the wishes of adoptive families through completing and purchasing items on the families’ wish lists.

This project started with purchasing items on a Christmas wish list in December 2020 and has now become a must-do project every year.

By August 2023, A Perfect Love has sent 130+ gifts to 80+ American adoptive families.


This fund will pay for adoptive families' medical and related expenses to assist adopted children with special needs. This project started in May 2019. Three children have been helped: Kimberly Ryan in California, Alicia Doyon in Utah, and Katie Hurst in Michigan.

This project is an open-ended project throughout the year. Adoptive families can apply to the foundation at any time.

A Perfect Love has helped another 3 families in March 2022.


A Perfect Love will be fundraising and providing donations for adoptive families to replace their original old houses and build a "Forever Home".

Starting in December 2020, A Perfect Love help Katie Hurst build "Forever Home", and at the end of May 2021, A Perfect Love helped with the Lumpkins' home. Cumulative donations exceed $73,000 USD.

A Perfect Love is still working to build a donation platform for the Lumpkins' family. The goal has two steps: to raise all the $175,000 her family needs to renovate the house, and to pay off the entire loan of $250,000 on the house.


A Perfect Love invested in documentaries, short videos, TV dramas, etc. telling stories from adoptive families in America, aiming at drawing more attention to adoptive families and related social issues while promoting the global and widespread love.

A short video of the theme was completed in May 2020, and was published on China-US Business Summit's public page.

The first documentary film A Perfect Love started in July 2021 and is expected to be completed by the end of July 2022. In January 2023, the film will be submitted to major film festivals around the world.


Emergency assistance is provided to adoptive families whose normal life orders are disrupted due to any natural disasters (typhoon, flood, fire, earthquake, etc.) or unexpected disasters, and those families are unable to return to normal life in a short period of time with their own abilities.

The first adoptive family whose family had to live in a hotel due to a fire has received relief payments in April 2022.


Inviting adoptive families to participate in events, and to feel the support for their adoption. A Perfect Love defrays expenses for adoptive families in this project, including but not limited to: flight tickets, hotel, restaurant, and other event related expenses.


The project started from the beginning of 2019, when A Perfect Love invited fifteen adoptive family members to participate in China-Us Business Summit in Los Angeles.


The project was interrupted in 2020 due to COVID-19, and is expected to restart in 2023.


Funding condition: In general, A Perfect Love only pays for expenses incurred during the adoptive families attending the events.


A Perfect Love encourages the entire society to learn and spread the loving behavior of the adoptive families. We support article writing, video production, media operations (such as press conferences), etc. A Perfect Love pays for qualified and excellent works, including the costs of translation and advertising during the creation process.


The project started in April 2019. Up to today, over 10 articles and 4 video programs were published.


The first short video was produced in May 2021 and published on the official account of the China- US Business Summit.


Funding condition: creators can either apply before or after the creation is completed. Once approved, A Perfect Love will disburse the funds directly to the creators, or the media, or the media companies and other institutions.


We work with people who acknowledges the purposes and concepts of A Perfect Love by supporting and subsidizing them to do things that are beneficial for the adoptive families. 


For Example, A Perfect Love provides assisting service for adopted children who receive medical assistance, such as finding matching bone marrow for donation; send kids to see doctors when parents are not available; provide care for children who stay at home, including delivery food and drinks, etc.


Funding condition: eligible applicants may apply in advance, or apply for reimbursement afterwards (within 1 year after the event happens).


To let more ordinary families and children experience the power of love from adoptive families in the United States, A Perfect Love plans a series of stage performances. This initiative is based on the touching stories of various American adoptive families sponsored by A Perfect Love, creating narratives centered around the growth process of each adopted abandoned child. The aim is to bring these touching stories into the theater and close to us all.


A Perfect Love will invite the most experienced operating managers in China's theater industry to comprehensively plan stage dramas and musicals. Profits will be realized through means such as live performances, related merchandise, post-production publicity, and global tours. For special-need children who are interested and meet the performance requirements, we will specially design suitable roles for them to experience this "Stage of Love".

All the costs associated with the performances are borne by A Perfect Love, which will be raised through pre-show publicity, roadshows, and donations. After deducting operating costs, profits from the performances will be donated entirely to the families who provided the original stories.

The project began in 2023. Over a span of 3-5 years, A Perfect Love plans to portray the stories of 3 families through 3 plays.


A Perfect Love pays the expenses for the adoptive families to travel to China, including but not limited to: adopting abandoned children with special needs in China, returning home visiting relatives, etc.

Funding condition: Applicant should fill in the application form 60 days prior the trip to China. The form can be downloaded from A Perfect Love website. In general, the funds will be paid directly to the adoptive families for flight tickets, hotels in China, dinners, and organizations that provide local transportation and translation.


Commend those who have made outstanding contributions to American families adopting abandoned children with speical needs from China.


This project refers to the death of Chinese children and American adoptive parents of American adoptive families, and the relative expenses of holding funerals for their families.


This project refers to the activities of providing support and funding for Chinese private adoption agencies. Such as purchasing teaching aids for adopted children.


For the specific donation activities initiated by A Perfect Love, when the public donates, A Perfect Love implements the work of matching donations in equal amounts or in proportion.


This also happens to Chinese abandoned children adopted by American families - the family that originally adopted the child from China to the United States gave up for some reason because they could not continue to adopt the child. And a new American family take over for adoption.


Over the past 4 years, among the 91 American adoptive families assisted by A Perfect Love, we have discovered that many have adopted children who, other than children from China, lost their biological parents in many other countries. The love these adoptive parents give transcends any national borders. And these adopted children thrive under such immense love.

Therefore, A Perfect Love believes that donations and support should, and can, go beyond our current only focus - China.


Starting from September 2023, A Perfect Love decided to expand donation scope to all of Asia. That means children adopted by American families from any Asian country, if eligible, will also be within our sponsorship purview.


The first family to receive donations under this initiative is Dave and Mandy Litzke, who have adopted a total of 15 children: 1 from Hong Kong, 3 from South Korea, and 1 from Vietnam.

Two Annual Special Projects

Annual Recognition of Outstanding Models.

  1. Donors with outstanding contributions. Whether it's donating directly to these families on your own, or through A Perfect Love donations.

  2. Writers, photographers, and media producers who have made outstanding contributions to the adoptive family.

  3. Leaders who founded or co-hosted activities in line with the purpose of A Perfect Love.

  4. Review process: candidates fill in the registration form, or a third party fills in the recommendation form, the submit to A Perfect Love for review.

  5. If approved, A Perfect Love will issue certificates and bonuses to the role models on appropriate occasions, and release press.

Matching Donation.

For the specific donation activities initiated by A Perfect Love, when people donate, A Perfect Love implements the work of equal or proportional donation.


For example, when A Perfect Love carries out "Forever Home" project, if an individual donates $10,000 US dollars to the family, A Perfect Love will donate $10,000 US dollars in a certain period of time. Beginning in 2022, there will be at least one annual matching donation for U.S. adoptive families.

The specific project and when the matching donation will be implemented are subject to the release of the official website.

The act of foreigners adopting abandoned Chinese infants has a long history. It has been documented since 1914, when a Western missionary adopted an abandoned Chaozhou baby in Guangdong.

On April 1, 1992, China officially loosened foreign adoption and related laws.


After international adoption was opened, the United States gradually became the country with the largest number of adoptions. According to data from the US Department of State's International Adoption Agency, as of 2014, a total of 88,298 Chinese orphans have been adopted by American families.


Nearly 100,000 Chinese children have been adopted by American families. And this number is still rising year after year.


Among these adopted children, there is a significant proportion of infants that have a congenital degree of disability.


Also, among the adoptive families in the United States, there is a significant proportion of adoptive families that have adopted more than one disabled and abandoned baby. These families that have reduced their original quality of life because of their charitable behavior.

A Perfect Love is a contribution to these target families and strives to make these families have better lives.


The donations of A Perfect Love are indefinite and open to any eligible American family. See the Charter of the A Perfect Love for details.


Bo'ai School was founded about 20 years by Ms. Liang Bing. In the past 20 years, under the leadership of President Liang, the school has treated countless people and has 120 students. It has become a leader in its field in China.

Suzhou Bo'ai School has admitted students from various regions in China. It has become a veritable international child rehabilitation school. The school-related teaching, along with the learning team under Principal Liang, is constantly exploring and innovating their practices, which has made some aspects of the therapeutic education of cerebral palsy and autistic children in Suzhou Bo'ai School reach or exceed the current international level.


In order to promote the therapeutic education of Suzhou Bo'ai School to a new level and to further benefit children who are treated in China, the foundation has specially raised funds from society, mainly for the teachers to go to the United States for training and further studying. Experts would be sent to Suzhou Bo'ai School for on-the-spot training.

The donation funds to the Bo'ai School are used irregularly with the establishment of the annual project, and all are paid in the United States. The ultimate goal of the foundation's project is to promote the Suzhou Bo’ai School's model of teaching and learning for children with disabilities to grow better in China, including those outside of Suzhou. This will benefit more children who are unable to enter regular schools at the same age for regular education.


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